Health Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Activating Goddess energy is about making time to nurture yourself and honor the divine feminine within you. This can be as simple as a daily cup of tea, an energizing yoga session or a ten-minute meditative walk in nature.

Make an effort to be in nature regularly-go barefoot, walk through a forest or sit and enjoy the sun shining down on you. Listen to your body to know who is ruling-your inner critic or your inner goddess.

1. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Energize your Goddess energy with fresh, colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables. These foods are filled with a variety of plant compounds that support and protect you. Keep your fridge stocked with cut up veggies and fruit to make it easy to add them to meals. Aim for at least five servings per day of produce.

A healthy dose of fats is also important for activating your Goddess energy. Healthy fats, like the ones found in nuts, seeds, and olive oil, help to regulate hormone levels, reduce inflammation, and keep your brain sharp.

Goddesses are loving and nurturing to their loved ones but they don’t let others control them or hold them back. They speak their truth and stand up for what they believe in even if it’s not popular or makes them uncomfortable.

The most sacred Goddess of them all is Mother Nature. Her presence is always with us but it’s easy to get caught up in the cray-cray of life and forget to notice her. Spending a little time each day tuning into her natural rhythms, stepping outside to listen to the birds or take in the beauty of a sunset is one of the easiest ways to connect with your Goddess energy.

Goddesses love sensual pleasure and know that it is one of life’s greatest gifts. Our culture has a lot of shame and guilt around sex, but this shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself in the way that feels most nourishing to you. It could be something as simple as taking a long bubble bath, adding a few drops of essential oil to your moisturizer or giving yourself a quick foot rub.

2. Drink Water

One of the simplest things you can do to bring out your inner goddess is to drink water. It helps to hydrate your body and keep you healthy, which is what Goddesses do best. When you are hydrated, your mind and body are better able to focus. Having clear and focused thoughts is one of the keys to finding your Goddess power. So make drinking water a daily ritual.

You can also connect to your goddess energy by adorning your body with clothes and jewelry that make you feel beautiful. This can be a statement piece that makes you feel powerful or something more simple and subtle like a dainty evil eye bracelet. Goddesses love nature and embrace all of its beauty, so adding plants or flowers to your home is another great way to bring out your feminine power.

Lastly, you can tap into your goddess energy by practicing self-love and acceptance. It is important to remember that you are a being of Divine light and you deserve the world. This can be as simple as telling your loved ones how much you care or having that difficult conversation you have been putting off. Goddesses are authentic, so don’t be afraid to be that way!

Your Goddess energy loves the sun, and spending time outdoors is a great way to connect with her. This could be as simple as taking a walk or going to the beach. She also loves to spend time in or near water, such as a lake, pond or bath. This is because she feels nurtured by the purity and cleansing energy that water provides. She also enjoys having sacred sex and embracing her feminine energy.

3. Go for a Walk

Walking is a great way to connect with your goddess energy. It helps improve blood flow and circulation, releases chemicals that boost moods, and gets you out of your normal environment to spark new ideas. You can also use this time to focus on self-care, practicing mindfulness, or meditating. Try to walk at different times of the day so you see the sights at different times of the day. And don’t give up if you miss a few days – just start again the next day.

Another important aspect of the goddess energy is that she is a woman who knows how to honor and speak her truth. She’s not afraid to say no to draining people and activities. She’s not worried about being labeled as “mean,” and she recognizes that her needs are just as valid as everyone else’s.

Similarly, she’s not afraid to express her sensual and sexual energy. She understands that pleasure is one of life’s greatest gifts and it shouldn’t be repressed or shunned. She loves herself, and she knows that enjoying sex is healthy and normal. In a world that uses sex to sell everything, she’s not going to let anyone silence her or hold her back.

It’s not easy to balance a full schedule with the demands of being a goddess, but if you make it a priority and stick to your schedule, you’ll find that your life begins to feel a little more like a fairy tale. Don’t forget to treat yourself like a princess as well! A glass of wine after a long walk or a trashy TV show when you’re feeling stressed are okay now and then.

4. Do Yoga

When you do yoga, you are aligning this human system to the geometry of the universe. This removes all internal friction, and you can then flow in harmony with the universe’s energy. If you do this for long enough, you will experience a sense of grace and wonder. You will also start to feel the blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Sadhguru says that in the west, when people hear the word “Yoga,” they usually think of a bunch of impossible physical postures. However, that is a very limited view of what Yoga really is.

Yoga is a science and technology of getting you to the point where you realize that everything in this world is interconnected, and there is no such thing as separation or duality. This realization is the core of Yoga, and it has nothing to do with body postures.

If you don’t have time to practice a full yoga routine, try the Reclined Goddess pose. This is a cooling and restorative version of Goddess squat that is great for lowering the heart rate and easing the back. It is a good way to connect with the divine feminine energy, and it can be done anywhere.

If you are interested in spiritual experiences, try practicing yoga for a few weeks. You might find that it helps evoke the desire to explore aspects of yoga that go beyond exercise (like meditation and philosophical studies), which can enhance spirituality. Yoga also teaches the idea that you should serve others and your community before seeking personal gain or self-gratification, which can help you nurture your inner goddess. This can help you stay in tune with your feelings and be able to make choices that are right for you.

5. Take a Bath

When you are plugged into your divine feminine energy, you become magnetic. You attract good things to you, and they flow into your life easily. But it’s easy to get distracted by the day-to-day and lose sight of your inner goddess.

When this happens, it’s important to connect with her again. The best way to do this is by taking a ritual bath that will help you connect with her. This is also a great way to recharge your battery so you can continue to manifest your desires.

A ritual bath is a bath drawn with a specific spiritual purpose or intention, often involving special salts, herbs, flowers, crystals and oils. Using these ingredients can activate, heal and bring in certain qualities or experiences into your life. This New Moon Goddess Bath by Deborah Hanekamp (known as Mama Medicine) is inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, and includes sensual and indulgent ingredients like rose & hibiscus.

When you draw your bath, light some candles, say a protection prayer and take a moment to clear your mind and center yourself. Then step in and relax. While you are soaking, focus on your breath and visualize yourself as a radiant goddess.

After you finish your bath, make sure to rinse off and dry yourself with a clean towel or robe. While you do this, remember that you are a beautiful and powerful Goddess who deserves to be pampered. When you are connected to your Goddess, it’s easier to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. So go ahead and savor your cup of coffee, allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth, slow down and power walk a little slower.