Tone Your Core To Enjoy Correct Posture

Are you tired of the normal walking exercises that you are doing to keep your body fit? Do you want to try out something new that will help in improving your core strength and thereby improve your body flexibility? Is it true that there are exercises that will help in boosting the strength of the core as well as improve breathing, mindfulness and posture? Well, working out in the gym in not just all about weight lifting, treadmills, steppers and cardio boosters. These days you will find many fitness centers to offer aerobic classes, Zumba dance workouts, yoga therapy, etc., to tone your entire body and to rejig your body and mind through a holistic approach. 

Best to strengthen the core

One of the best known exercise regimens to improve the core strength and to enjoy correct posture is by practicing Pilates in Crows Nest. It is important to do this work out under a trained and professional instructor. These exercises are targeted at the small muscles in the lower abdomen and the lower back. Doing this exercise regularly helps in improving the core stability. You will enjoy better control of your spinal joints whenever your spine is moving. It will help in giving you better control of your pelvic and hip regions. There are many benefits that you core and pelvis enjoys by practicing this form of exercise. They are:

• Reduction in lower back pain.

• Stability of pelvic region is improved.

• You get better control of the bladder.

• The pelvic floor muscles will get enough strength and flexibility.

Improve posture and co-ordination

Pilates will help in boosting your overall well-being and hence is recommended to be practiced by many health care professionals. It works on your lower back, abdomen and pelvic regions and thereby will help in boosting your posture. The spine health will also be greatly improved and your muscle imbalance will be greatly reduced. It is very important for you to practice safe and precise exercises to get the necessary benefits without causing damage to your body parts. This is why it is recommended to consult a trained instructor to guide you through the exercise regime. This must be done in a controlled environment and hence you will soon get aware of your body. The movements have to be very slow in order to gain better benefits and to ensure better co-ordination.

Better Breathing

Regular practice will help in getting a better control of your breathing. The movements of this exercise are designed to help you have good control of your breathing in conjunction with the movements of your body.


This exercise routine is mainly used to strengthen the body and the mind through its slow and deep movements. Attending classes with lesser number of students will help you to make the most of this exercise.