How Can That Be? The World is Such A Diverse Place


As human beings, we are the ones who have experienced this more closely. Why we say that because humans know that there are differences in everything person they see and everything they perceive. Thus, the diversity of the society or the world emerges.

Some people end up being fortunate and some end up being unfortunate. Consequently, the ones who are fortunate remain well-off in the society where as the other set remains helpless, poor and desperate. In like manner, the society has identified who are haves and who are have-nots. Also, the society has, thus, already taken its initial steps to see the divisions or create the divisions of the society.

It is pathetic to say that none of us are equally provided with means to satisfy our needs and desires. Instead we end up being divided or segregated in the society we live in. In the meantime, the logic that is behind the argument is that if there is no goodness in the society, people will not know what bad is like. In the same way, if there are no poor people, then we do not know what it is like to be rich or well-to –do. Or there should be nuances in the existing social structure as Middle class, Upper class and lower class to identify this disparity.

So what do you really think is governing us to be like this? Is there a certain kind of unknown force that decides the fates of people? Well, in so far as any of us is concerned, there has not been any mark or sign of an unknown force as such. But there should be something that controls the human lives to be ended up facing this diversity of the world. Yet, based on the different beliefs of different religions, there can be various ideologies that are introduced by the so-called religious leaders. 

However, we believe in different types of reasons for people to be born as poor, rich, haves and have-nots. For instance, rich parents end up having differently able kids while poor parents end up having healthy kids. Most of all, another important example is that parents who endure a lot of troubles to bring up their children, in their old and feeble age, wind up in aged care residences or retirement villages in West Auckland.

Finally, it is clear that these fates that are entwined to us determine who we are and what we have become of. And each person’s fate gives them a different story to recount and this story sometimes create the divides that we often see in the world.