The Golden Beaches Of Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is made up of 70 km of beaches in Queensland and draws millions of visitors every year. The Gold Coast is such a hotspot for visitors for its surf, sand and many other cool activities available along its many beaches. Some of the more famous beaches of the Gold Coast are South Stradbroke Island, Miami, Surfers Paradise, Burleigh, Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach, Broad beach and Rainbow Bay. All the beaches offer their own, unique blend of activities and attractions that keep people flocking to the Coast every year.

Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise is known more for its surfing and party scene than any other beach.  The water is great, the sun bathing is better, and once you are done with the waves there are plenty of sights inland. The QDeck offers 360° panoramic views that stretch all the way to Brisbane on one hand and Byron bay on the other on a clear day. Then there is Infinity, the cunningly designed audio- visual maze guaranteed to lose your kids for a good hour or so while you take that well- deserved break. For a spot of culture, there is also the Gold Coast weekend doctor City gallery with various temporary art installations and exhibitions.

Mermaid Beach
Much more laid back than its noisy neighbour Broadbeach, this is the ideal spot for a family trying to chill away from the hectic crowd, or for a young couple on a quiet weekend getaway. This beach suburb boasts excellent facilities, including a Mermaid beach doctor stationed at the Eastbrooke after- hours’ medical centre, various dining locations offering options from modern Australian to fusion cuisine to Asian, and a golf course for those less inclined to recline at the beach. The Mermaid beach doctors offer every possible medical care from pathology to sports medicine and dietetics, while the restaurants at Mermaid beach offer health- conscious organic fare that will keep you healthy and happy throughout your stay.

Stradbroke Island
Home to the golden wallaby, Stradbroke Island and its surroundings is the perfect location for a diving tour. Go snorkelling and kayaking in the morning and look out for the multi- coloured tropical fish in the water, the pelicans, eagles and other marine birds in the air. The kayak tour will take you around two small islands, breakfast on the beach and provide a snorkelling swim underwater near Wavebreak Island.  At the end of the half- day tour, you can be dropped off at your preferred beach along the Gold Coast, where other sights and attractions await the rest of your vacation along the golden sands of the Gold Coast.

Things To Do To Elevate Your Features

Beauty has become a scale to measure many things. Everybody wants to be beautiful and there is nothing wrong with that. There are many things to do to elevate your features to look better. Your skin and the hair are the most important things to take care of. Here are few things that you can do to make sure you get a healthy skin and hair and features on you are elevated.

Treat your skin often
Most women as you age you forget that your skin needs regular treatments. As you age your skin cells decay and they needs to be treated. Before thinking about cosmetic surgery you need to make sure you try simpler methods. You can go for a skin treatment every week or you can do skin treatments at home also. There are many home remedies that you can do to make your skin glow. You can try putting on honey and yogurt. You can put homemade scrubs like lemon and sugar. It is important that you do constant skin treatments to maintain a good skin and to elevate your features. Especially for eyes you can try keeping cucumber and natural remedies.

Try make up
Make up is a simple solution to elevate your features to make sure you look good. Cosmetic surgery can be a secondary medical options available. Make up can be worn at the minimal to elevate the features like eyes and lips. However if you overdo on the makeup it can look really bad and also it can make your features look bad. So makeup can be tried but at moderately. There are many option like permanent makeup. You can tattoo your eyebrows or lips with lipsticks. But the problem is if you don’t like the colors or the styles later on changing this can be a problem.

Minor surgeries
Minor plastic surgeries like Botox or nose jobs can help you elevate the looks a bit by certified experts. But there are many side effects in these methods. Whenever you change a feature you have to change the rest to match that so it can get out of hand. Also it important that you know that these surgeries do have side effects and you should only do them if it is required. There are non-dangerous procedures like tattoos and lip enhancements. But anything major like breast implants and skin grafting are not very safe. You can do these to enhance your beauty but at the same time you should know that surgeries like liposuction are quite dangerous and the same effect can be gotten by doing workouts and eating right.